Work part of local group exhibition

I am honored to share the walls of Studios on the Park in Paso Robles with some amazing female and female-identifying artists for “Regroup”, a show exploring femininity, feminism, and recent legislation in the United States. Below are a couple of the pieces included:

“Mobilize”. Acrylic paint and cardstock on wood panel. 12″x12″.
“Free Choice”. Acrylic paint and cardstock on wood panel. 12″x10″.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!    -U.B.



I do not need land

To endure. Look for me in

The floating gardens.

I have started on a new series exploring the notion of phantoms and of the ongoing bonds that we share with those we have lost. This is the first piece, which draws upon the Aztec origins of the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). The cempasúchitl (referred to in the title) are the marigold flowers used during this holiday to draw spirits to their loved ones.


The Art of Making Herself Small

Happy New Year!

As I resume creating, I am experimenting with different ways to integrate verse and visual imagery into one piece rather than two separate ones.

In this case, the background is a collage of patterned craft paper. I designed and cut the silhouette from black card stock and drew the clouds onto the text bubble with colored pencils. Finally, the text superimposed on the image with the application Adobe Creative Cloud.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!


Work Now Up at a Local Gallery

This month I have the fortune of sharing my most recent work at Left Coast Art Studio. This local gallery on the Central Coast of California features a wide variety of local artists and hosts a wide range of workshops and activities for people of all ages and levels of interest. If you are ever in the area, it is worth stopping by this unique creative space. 

Sewing Project: Framing Companion Poems

I have been invited to share my work in a local art studio this November. While working furiously to put finishing touches on pieces, I was struck with the idea of using a new medium for presenting the companion poems to the visual art: fabric. After a few failed attempts and profanity-laden sessions of seam ripping, I finally began to feel pleased with this choice. Below are a couple examples of the frames that have emerged from my humble sewing machine, plus the paintings that accompany them.

Mola (4 panels + poem)

Long ago

I became the 


Of my own skin.

Like the Quetzal

Like the Macaw

One color is not

Enough to speak

My name.


My layers

As you would swim

The Caribbean

As you would face

A setting sky.

Share in

My glimpse 

Of this universe

Knowing it will

Never fit inside

Your suitcase.

This four-panel piece and poem is an homage to the textile medium of the mola created by the indigenous Guna community of the San Blas Islands. It is intended to be displayed horizontally rather than vertically as I have done here. When done so, the sand, the horizon and sunset continue across all four panels. The background has been painted in acrylic. The foreground, kept mostly in black to suggest a silhouette, is all card stock. I left the natural wood grain behind the sand to increase contrast with the design in the paper. 

At the beginning of November, I will be displaying this work along others in a local gallery. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

WIP- Mola Panels

During this little hiatus from WordPress, I have been savoring a long process of work in a relatively new medium for me: paper. Here is some of the progress I have made so far on what will hopefully become 4 panels celebrating the textile art tradition of the Mola from the Guna women of Panama. A poem will accompany these pieces as well.

More to come! Gracias por la visita.